XLS-Medical Fat Binder Tablet

Name: XLS-Medical

Category : Fat Binder

Manufacturer : Omega Pharma

Money Back : None

The XLS – medical is claimed to be a new natural weight loss aid that cuts upto 500 calories from your diet everyday.Celebrity users of this pill include singer Mica paris who claimed to have lost upto 4 dress sizes in just 12 weeks since she started using this slimming pill.

What is it

It's a slimming aid that uses the extract from prickly pear cactus. The pills delivers upto fat soluble vitamins in the form of litraminc and serves as a weight loss supplement apart from its fat binding properties.

How it works

This pill works exactly like the top rated proactal plus in which prickly pear extract binds upto 27% fats in your diet which prevents it being phentermine online absorbed by the body.The resulting fibre-fat gel makes you feel fuller for longer hence suppressing your appetite.


  • Works using natural ingredients
  • Reduces cholestrol
  • Binds upto 28% dietary fat


  • Can cause loss of appetite
  • Its quite new

The Verdict

XLS Medical uses a proven formulation very similar to proactol plus which has been one of the best selling slimming pill in UK for the past several years.So it looks like it we might have a winning slimming aid on our hands but the pricing needs to be corrected for it to be competitive with similar slimming aids available.While you can buy a month supply of proactol plus for just £43.85 according to the price on boots you would be paying upto £59.99 for XLS medical.

Where to buy

You can buy XLS-Medical from www.boots.com .

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  1. triona says:

    Hi,i was just wondering if xlsmedical really works and what side effects does it have and what medication should you not be taking when taking when xlsmedical?

    • HWLA says:

      As I have already mentioned in the review the product is quite new and I cannot possibly try every pill here by myself so I rely mostly on the ingredients used, brand, duration and user comments of a product to make a review. I would be in a better position if I see some user comments for this product.It uses the same ingredients as proactol plus the top selling pill in the UK so it does look like a good pill.Its is natural you wouldn’t get a lot of side effects but you might get stools as fat melts away.

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