Weight Watchers – Shonali Sabherwal’s Bollywood Beauty Diet

The very sight of daliya will make most of us twist our faces in disgust but we forget that this time tested dish, forced down our throats by our mothers was the reason we were healthy as children.

Oatmeal or daliya is that high fibre food which kept our digestive machinery humming and us grinning. Today, the fibre is missing and so is the smile of contentment of a well oiled gut.

Dietary fibre is an extremely essential part of a balanced diet and healthy body and long life. It absorbs water and causes better gut clearance and reduces the colonic transit time resolving the problem of constipation.

This in turn reduces the growth of intestinal bacteria and prevents gut infections. Also, it reduces formation of excessive gas and problems like flatulence and burping. By adding bulk to the diet it gives a feeling of satiety and makes you eat less of other junk or high carbohydrate/fat food. So you lose weight too! A research even showed that high fibre diet lead to a 22% slash in likelihood of dying after 9 years than low-fibre consuming peers.

Fibre can be soluble or insoluble. The soluble variant found primarily in oats, carrots, barley, beans etc gets absorbed into the blood and helps control blood sugar. It helps lower blood cholesterol levels and reduces cardiovascular risk significantly.

The insoluble variant found largely in nuts, wheat bran, whole -wheat flour is the indigestible bulk which the human body can’t digest for lack of enzymes. This helps add roughage to the food and clear it off the gut fast and smooth. On its way out it carries away some of the fat and helps cut down obesity.

Nutritionists say that grabbing a raw fruit or vegetable is the best way to get your daily dose of fibre instead of opting for high fibre biscuits, breads and bars. Packaged foods contain high amounts of preservatives like sodium which are more detrimental for health in the long run than the fibre that they are providing. The amount of fibre one needs to consume is about 14 grams for every thousand calories. Along with that one needs to have plenty of fluids because fibre works on swelling up with water.

Shonali Sabherwal’s – The Beauty Diet – : Eat Your Way To A Fab New You

This is a macrobiotic diet book that has taken the Bollywood by storm. Several of the Bollywood bombshells, the likes of Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandes, Neha Dhupia and Esha Deol have been said to be following the diet. Video shows Jacqueline Fernandez talking about this diet.

It says no to processed foods and embraces fermented dairy products, whole grains, nuts and lots of vegetables. Her diet gives 5 rules as follows-

  1. Dig fruits and vegetables.
  2. Say no to packaged and processed foods.
  3. Steam or boil or sauté instead of grilling, baking, picking and frying.
  4. Set aside meal times and be regular.
  5. Add variety to meals.

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So add fibre to your daily meals and notice the difference from the very start of the next day!

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