Vitalicious Coupon Code Review

Free VitaBuns on $50 or more- no coupon neededIts that time of the year the busiest shopping weekend of the year. And the festive season can be easily the season when we cannot control what we eat. As a result we might put the weight back on!

What if you can eat your muffins and still lose weight. That is exactly what you can expect when you start eating Vitalicious range of healthy low fat alternatives to popular festive snacks.

If you are on the fringe its the best time to start ambienbuy using their product as they have just announced their promo.

10% Off New Banana ChocoChip VitaTops

Free VitaBuns on $50 or more- no coupon needed

Indulge! Save $2.50 on Deep Chocolate VitaTops

Love the Taste, Lose the Waist- 100 Calorie VitaTops on Sale!


New Year Coupon Code Valid

The Coupon Code: WPJ2011

valid until  12/31/2011 12:00 am EST  it offers upto 5% OFF- on all the products

Don't miss out on these festive holiday season coupons. Please do leave comments and rate Vitalicious's products once you have used them.

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