UniquePomegranate Detox Supplement Review

Name : UniquePomegranate™

Category : Detox

Manufacturer : Slimming

Money Back ; None

If you are having a hard time finding a pomegranate supplement that preserves its nutrients as well as a juice or any other form of pomegranate then you might want pomegranate pills. These pills can save you time and effort in getting the benefits of pomegranate.

What is Unique Pomegranate Detox Supplement?

The Unique Pomegranate Detox supplement comes in a easy to use and conviented capsule. It contains Pomegranate which is a tropical super fruit from south India and Caucasus. Freeze dried pomegranate extract is used in pills in order to preserve all the nutrients. It not only increases detoxification of your body naturally but also aids in weight loss.

How does it work?

The fruit is known to contain vitamin C, Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and potassium. The white seeds within the fruit which are also part of the extract are rich in dietary fibre and unsaturated oils.

The juice is known to reduce the dental bacterial load and thus reduce the amount of plaque formation. The anti-oxidants reduce the formation of Angiotension Converting Enzyme (ACE) and reduce stress which can significantly reduce the LDL cholesterol (harmful cholesterol) levels.

Thus the pills not only flush away the harmful toxins from your system but, they also program your body for faster weight loss and higher energy levels.


Each capsule contains 1500mg of freeze dried pomegranate extract powder. It is certified to have no other additives, preservatives or fillers.


  • 100% Natural
  • Neutralises Free Radicals
  • Detoxifies Your Body
  • Aids Weight Loss
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • No Preservatives Unlike Juices Available In Stores


  • May affect blood pressure
  • Must not be effective without a diet

Directions for use

Take 2 pills a day with a whole glass of water. Do not exceed the stated maximum dosage. Continue for atleast 8 weeks to see the best results.


Pomegranate is a unique fruit which is known to give almost 2860 units of anti-oxidant activity per 100 grams. This  can not only help you lose weight by reducing the cholesterol levels but also remove free radicals and make you feel fresh with a lot more energy.

Pills are better options than pomegranate juices in the super markets which might lose its nutrient value and have preservatives added to keep them fresh. Have a pomegranate supplement which can help you in more way than one.

Where to buy

Only Available At Authorized Vendor Site www.slimming.com

Starter Package: 1 month package (60 pills) costs $34.95.Savings packages: 3 months costs $88.85 and 6 months costs $148.95.

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