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Tava Tea

Category:Green Tea / Weight Loss Tea

Price:$47.16 (Cheapest Online)

Quantity:30 Bags (1 Month Blend)

Guarantee:180 Days

Manufacturer:Roduve HealthCare Solutions

What Is Tava Tea ?

Tava Tea is a very powerful yet tasty wellness and weight loss tea.It is a perfect mix of three of the most powerful green teas such as Sencha, Wuyi Cliff Oolong, and Puerh.In this age of genetic engineering and overuse of fertilizers, its very rare to get a herbal product which comes with a guarantee of being 100% organic.Which means that no fertilizers or any unnatural method has been used in cultivation of these herbs or manufacturing of Tava Tea.Tava Tea is a 100% organic weight loss tea which has been developed to the highest possible manufacturing standards with the best quality ingredients

Wuyi Cliff Oolong, Puerh,and Sencha Teas are well known for its medicinal properties in china.The Chinese have been using these herbal ingredients for centuries for health and various other healing procedures. Even diseases such as cancer, cardio vascular dysfunction and other neural disorders have been known to be caused by free radicals. Taking green teas such as Tava tea will help in removing these free radicals from our system.The antioxidants in Tava Tea especially the strongest of them all Epigallocatechin gallate, help improve digestions, relieve bloating and help increase metabolism.

Polyphenols in Wu Long Tea are believed to increase energy expenditure, increasing fat burning by 35-45%. – AboutUs.com

People who consume 2 or more cups of Wu Long Tea a day are at a 26% lower risk of heart disease. – CBS


  • Burns 2.5 more calories than any other green tea
  • Reduce carb absorption
  • Reduce the signs of ageing
  • Relaxes your body and mind
  • Overall wellness compared to other weight loss products
  • 100% natural and organic
  • No side effects
  • Strengthens immune system


  • Costs a bit more than over the counter green teas
  • Need to take 4 cups or more tea every day to lose weight
  • Its not a travel friendly way to lose weight


Will Tava Tea Work ?

Yes!, for a simple reason because its a fun way to lose weight.Most of the weight loss programs are either too hard to follow or have a lot of side effects. Unlike the rest Tava Tea is a tea which tastes just like any other tea but this has the right herbs for detox and weight loss.Weight Loss Tea's are fast becoming the most preferred way of detoxing and weight loss for a very good reason.Oolong and pu erh are two main ingredients that make up most of the Chinese weight loss teas in the market.Wu Long (Wuyi Cliff Oolong) is far and away the best there is!

Wu Long (Oolong) tea in fact lessens absorption of fats, increases the body’s metabolism and is responsible for noradrenaline-induced lipolysis (breakdown) of adipose tissue.If you cant even drink a tea to look after your health then there is really no easier weight loss product out there, This is it, nothing easier or fun than drinking a tea to lose weight.No pills, No exercise, No Diets and No Restrictions…Any one can have a cup of tea.

Finally,a weight loss system that is fun without the pain and suffering .Unlike most other weight loss tea’s Tava tea tastes great and arrives in high quality pyramid bags, I know most people would start using tava tea today if not for the weight loss,definitely for the other medicinal benefits…you’d start today, wouldn’t you?

Directions To Use

Take 4-6 Cups of tava tea everyday.Continual use of tava tea for six months can also help reduce cholesterol and signs of ageing.For losing upto 10lbs -14lbs use Tava tea for 4 weeks.


As always we feature only reliable, and trusted products on our website.Tava Tea comes with a full money back guarantee and unlike competitors does not offer a scam free trial where you’re convinced to hand over your credit card and later find your being billed every month.

In Tava Tea we have a wellness blend.I which not only lets you look sexy but also makes you feel healthy..All these amazing benefits add up to give Tava Tea Wellness Blend an amazing nutritional punch.

There really is so much slimming and healing power in each cup, you’ll notice a difference in how you look and feel, really quickly.The only drawback is that you cant carry this around during your travels.But its a great product to have if you don't travel much,

Feel confident and more energetic than before and the only effort involved is lifting the tea to your lips! Its the best organic weight loss tea  and one of the tastiest way to lose weight naturally

Where To Buy

Get genuine Tava tea from official site www.weightlosstea.com

Exclusive Offer:Now get Tava Tea at the best ever price .You can buy the regular 1month supply of the blend for just $47 USD as against the normal retail price of $70 USD.Thats $23 saved on every month of tava tea.

There are 30 BAGS in each  tava tea one month supply pack, thats  $1.5 per bag its without doubt the highest quality weight loss and detox tea out there with maximum value for money.You can make 12 cups of tea with each bag of tava tea.

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  1. Gorlesky says:

    I purchased Tava tea after reading several good reviews about it on daily mail of it helping you lose weight . First off the tea tastes like any other green tea just more bitter. I wouldnt recommend adding sugar 🙂 that is what we are trying to avoid anyway.
    I drink 6 cups a day and minimal weight loss  so fat but the tea is still good and worth the try; no side effects.
    And i understand that no two person is the same so cannot expect tava tea to work instantly and react the same, under the same circumstances I would buy/try it again.

  2. Queen says:

    Why isnt it available in the super market ?

    • HWLA says:

      Its because Tava Tea uses a very high quality green tea which is also organic.This considerably increases the costs of the tea. Now adding the marketing and rental space costs to the overall costs will increase the prices of each tava tea pack might go up by another 5 or 10 dollars.So to keep the costs minimal, Tava tea has opted to sell their tea exclusively through their online website. At the end of the day the customer like us who get a better deal online than offline.
      Most special brands sell exclusively online, similar products will costs more on the high streets

  3. April says:

    I have been drinking tava tea for over 20 days now i am not sure if it actually helped me lose weight but i feel rejuvenated and my skin is glowing.Right now i am drink 4 cups of tea a day i use 1 tag to make 4 cups of tea so i am thinking about increasing it to 6 Cups a day.You can carry it around using a flask. Will report the results soon

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