Slimshot Slimming Drink Review

Name : Slimshot

Category : Appetite Suppressant

Manufacturer : Silver Slimming

Money Back : None

Research shows that our metabolism is different at various times of the day. It is highest during the day and almost negligent when we are asleep. What if fat burning supplement work according to this time cycle? It’s exactly what Slimshot promises.  

What is Slimshot Slimming drink?

This Slimming drink is a revolutionary weight loss product which provides 3 different sets of ingredients in 3 effervescent pills for different times of the day. These pills help you lose weight speedily and safely according to your body’s natural metabolic cycle.

How does it work?

The morning shot formula is formulated with ingredients known to kick start your metabolism. The B-complex vitamins, Green Tea & Green coffee stimulates your nerves and makes you feel energized for a good 5-6 hours.  

The Noon shot formula aims to restrict the post-lunch fat absorption and boost digestion. The Guar gum attaches to dietary fibre to make your stomach feel full. The pectins limit your appetite and cider vinegar helps burn the consumed calories.

The Night shot formula containing chromium, cacao and orange skin produces heat by the process of thermogenesis. This maintains the rate of fat digestion without the presence of active stimulants. The grape extract provides anti-oxidant polyphenols to detoxify your body of free radicals. The papaya and pineapple are known to improve digestion.


The morning Slimshot contains Olive Wood, Ash Wood Cola, Green Coffee, Mate, Wild Pansy, purchase propecia Cherry Stalk, Cynorhodon, Green tea and Meadow-sweet. The noon formula contains Citrus and Apple Pectins, Cider Vinegar and Guar Gum. The night formula contains chromium, papaya, pineapple, cacao, orange skin and Grape Marc Extracts.


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Lose weight Quickly
  • Improves Digestive Enzymes
  • Doesn’t hamper body’s basal metabolic cycle.
  • Easy to drink effervescent capsules
  • No side effects


  • The 3 separate formula containers might be troublesome to carry
  • The caffeine content might can sleep deprivation for some
  • The taste might not be acceptable to all

Directions for use

Consume the drink made up of 1 effervescent slimming pill in a glass of water at morning, noon and night time from the respective formula bottles. The pill when added to water converts into a slimming drink similar to aspirin or other effervescent drugs.


 The drink makes for an excellent natural formula to boost weight loss and immunity without harming the natural metabolic rhythm of the body. It is cost effective and very user friendly and helps achieve better weight loss in combination with a well planned diet and exercise.

The three different formulas strategy does provide an ultra targeted solution for improving our body’s metabolism and complements each other well to provide effective weight loss. As it doesn’t have any serious side effects and is 100% natural it can be safely used by all including vegans.

Where to buy

Order online through the official authorized vendor

Each pack with 42 pills costs $14.45 and 3 pack costs $39.45 and 6 pack costs $69.45.

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