Slim Weight Patch Review

Catergory: Weight Loss Patches

Results : 2-3lbs in a Week

Clinical Studies : Yes

Money Back Guarantee:180 Days

Side Effects : None

Company : Roduve HealthCare Solutions

What is Slim Weight Patch?

Weight loss patches are new type of weight loss aids different from the traditional pills and capsules. Though Patches have been used before but it’s new for a weight loss supplement.Slim weight patch is a new brand of weight loss aid that is very effective in delivering ingredients at a steady rate directly into the blood stream. Slim weight Patch delivers the ingredients through your skin continuously and promises to reduce your weight in an effective and quick way.


  • Boosts You Metabolism Rate.Steady Weight Loss Up to 2-6 lbs Per Week.
  • Reduces Food Cravings.
  • Burns Fat Faster.
  • Compatible With Any Other Drug Or Medicine.
  • Provides Results Within A Week.
  • No Side Effects.
  • Complete Refund Up to 180 days.


  • The patch might not last long under clothes
  • The quantity of ingredients low
  • Less effective than pills

Slim Weight Patch Ingredients

Slim Weight Patch is a 100% natural weight loss aid and its most important ingredients is Fucus Vesiculosus, it’s Seaweed popularly referred to as bladderwrack.

This is a very powerful and potent ingredient containing some of the most powerful fat burning nutrients known such as Garcinia Cambogia, L-Carnitine and ,Zinc Pyruvate to name just a few. 5-HTP, an incredible ingredient helps reducing you food cravings. It helps to maintain the serotonin levels in your body while you are dieting hence reducing food cravings and emotional eating.

Over a long period of time, controlled amounts of Slim Weight Patches ingredients are delivered through the skin directly into the blood. Slim Weight Patch is clinically proven to work without any side effects and if you are taking any diet pill it is always recommended that you consult your doctor about the product and ask for the possible allergies you could have.

Slim Weight Patch Featured On OK Magazine! 5th Aug 2010 Edition

  1. Pink Patch -The pink patch is one of the popular weight loss patches. Its main ingredient is the same as that of slim weight patch, it delivers Fucus Vesiculous transdermally to reduce metabolism and induce fat burn. Other Ingredients include Yerba Mate and Lecithin.
  2. Size Zero Patch – It’s known that Size Zero Patch uses 100% herbal ingredients but strikingly we could not find the supplement facts with listing of the actual ingredients. It promises to suppress appetite and burn those calories off, but we are not sure what actual helps burning these calories.
  3. Diet Patch – Diet Patch is very similar to both pink patch and slim weight patch in terms of ingredients and method of action. It also helps suppress appetite and burn fat.All of these patches are very similar in ingredients as a result we decided to compare all the four patches based on value of money, compared to quality of ingredients used and benefits they posses.

The Verdict

  • The Slim Weight Patch At $28.25, (£19.52 GPB) for a box of 30 patches will make each patch you use cost $0.94.Less than a dollar a day.And when you apply our 5% off exclusive coupon it gets even cheaper at $26.83 its just $.89 per patch.
  • The Pink Patch is more expensive compared to Slim Weight Patch. It costs $49.95 for one month supply containing 30 patches and that’s $1.67 per patch, and its only available In the USA.
  • The Diet Patch sits between Slim Weight Patch and Pink Patch in terms of costs. Its $1.16 USD per patch, costing $ 29.95 (£20.97 GPB) for a box of 30 patches.
  • Zero Patch is priced at a whopping unreasonable $99.95 for a month supply that is $2.97 per patch and they don’t ship to any other country apart from USA and that to its not free shipping within US

However Slim Weight Patch and Pink Patch Offer free shipping for US. The Diet Patch shipping fee is $4.95 and the Size Zero Patch has a shipping fee of $6.95.The Slim Weight patch, the Pink Patch and The Diet Patch all contain 30 patches in a month supply; while the Size Zero Patch contains 36 patches.The Size Zero Patch is the only patch that offers a subscription program. A 30 money back guarantee is what you get with pink and diet patch, while Size Zero Patch offers absolutely no guarantee whatsoever and The Slim Weight Patch as the best of the bunch offers buyers a full 180 day full money back guarantee.

Slim Weight Patch is simple and easier, you cannot forget to take the product, it’s clinically proven, powerful high grade ingredients and it is the more cost effective weight loss diet patch online.

  • Easy to use, just place it under your clothes
  • Longest 180 day refund policy
  • Instant results that can help you lose upto 6 lb's a week
  • 100% herbal and genuine ingredients

Where To Buy

Buy Slim Weight From the official Website

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  1. Venus says:

    i havent lost any weight at all and infact the patch leaves sticky glue on the skin which is very hard to get off.  wouldn't buy this again. i would stick with pills

  2. Patricia says:

    I ordered slim weight patch couple of weeks back. When I received it, it was less than 15 patches in box. I contacted the support and within minutes later i received a call and they issued another shipment. They kept there word, and I am very satisifed

  3. Sania says:

    that looks like a very thin piece of plastic dont know whether it will last the entire day looking at the paris hilton pic,,

  4. Bradock says:

    Just not really sure if this stuff is working or not. For 2 weeks I was dying of thirst and did lose 4 lbs only to regain it all


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