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With Rodvue’s new weight loss patch, weight loss patches seem to be coming out of the quicksand they seemed to be in after the USA FDA took off the shelf hundreds of their kind. Roduve’s slim weight patch is getting rave reviews from dieters for being a practical solution to weight loss without losing your mind over weight loss regimes.

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The Slim Weight Patch made by Roduve was reviewed by earlier. The product worked within just a few weeks by the appetite curbing and metabolism enhancing properties. BY cutting down food cravings, burning fat and controlling appetite it helped shed the inches within as little as seven days.

The real advantage of the patch over a weight loss pill is that because of the trans dermal delivery system the ingredients are delivered directly into the blood stream allowing for much better absorption and faster results. Also, the chance of allergic, adverse reactions and side effects reduces drastically.

The site noted that this revolutionary patch claimed an astounding 95 percent absorption of the ingredients as it bypassed the stomach, intestines and liver, all of which reduce absorption, making it extremely effective.  As yet, no side effects have been reported against the product.

The patch manufacturers said that it begins controlling the appetite within 3 days. By curbing the food intake it prevents consumption of excess calories thereby inching towards weight loss. The patch contains Fucus vesiculosis, guarana, Yerba mate, DHEA, lecithin, L-carnitine and zinc pyruvate. All these ingredients help towards losing weight completely naturally and safely.

The patch works even when you are asleep so that your body never stops losing weight. It can help shed up to almost 2-4 pounds each week. Now you will never need to remember to take pills repeatedly all day and worry about not losing weight when you forget taking them.

As you can tuck it away inside clothing, no one can see it. Its waterproof material will keep your weight loss on going even while you in the shower or out in rain or while you are having a cooling swim. You will not have to waste a single patch.

The producers, an old and experienced manufacturing firm, have not combined a diet or exercise regime to be compulsorily followed while using the patch but say that controlling diet and continuing exercises will show much faster and better results.

The slim weight patch team concluded the patch allowed the skin to breathe much easier and helped better product delivery making it far effective than its competitors in the weight loss industry. Read Our Complete Review Of Slim Weight Patch Here

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