Slender Pu’erh Tea Review

Name: Slender Pu'erh Tea

Category : Fat Burner

Manufacturer : Slender Pu'erh

Money Back : 30 Days

If you are in search of green tea that won’t interfere with your medication and has lesser caffeine content, then Slender Pu’erh Tea might be the best tea for you. Used for well over 1700 years, this tea is proven to reduce your weight and more. In fact it can even address complex health issues that may arise due to heavy alcohol consumption and numerous other ailments.

What is Slender Pu’erh tea?

This one of a kind Green tea slimming drink comes in nicely designed tea bags containing high quality slender pu’erh tea to help you lose weight rapidly and effectively.

The unmatched quality is derived through a process allowing the unoxidized leaves to ripen in the sun for a few months. Then the second phase begins by leaving them in a warm and humid chamber with controlled fungal and bacterial fermentation.

These processes ensure that the tea contains all the nutrients intact even without any additives or preservatives. This makes the tea potent enough to give you detox and weight loss benefits.

How does it work?

In various trials it has shown to reduce body weight, blood cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. It is theorized that the large amount of tannins present in the tea bind with macronutrients present in food and coagulate the digestive enzymes, reducing the fat absorption.

It significantly reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol levels which reduce the risk of cardiac diseases and dyslipidemia. Lower LDL levels help you lose weight faster when you are dieting or exercising.

The tea also has anti-microbial and anti-mutagenic buy ambien online properties which reduces the risk of cancer and improve immunity against infections.


Each tea bag contains 2g of the highest quality of black pu’erh tea.It is free of other fillers or additives seen in many herbal teas.


  • 100% Natural Slimming Drink
  • Detox & Weight Loss
  • Great Taste Of Black Tea
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • No Side Effects
  • No Rigorous Detox Regimens To Follow


  • The excess fluorine content may cause dental fluorosis if too much is consumed for too long. 

Directions for use

The tea’s come in convenient tea bags which can be used to brew up to 400ml of tea from each bag. You can place the bags in either hot milk or water. Add sugar if needed. You can take it as often as 3 times a day safely.


Black Pu’erh Tea is well known for its great taste and medicinal properties. For dieters it offers its unique ability to metabolise fat and decrease its absorption. This considerably increases the chances for weight loss.

Apart from it being a slimming drink it can also provide your body resistance against diseases by strengthening the immune system. The tea bags can be carried anywhere, so you burn the calories even at work.  If not for its medicinal properties slender black pu’erh tea is a great drink to have just for its taste.

Where to buy

The best quality black pu’erh tea is available at an authorized wholesale dealer.

21 bags of tea are present in each package .A single package with discounts costs $19.26, whereas 3 costs $35.55 and 6 costs $64.95. 

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