Silver Detox Foot Patches Review

Name : Silver Detox Foot Patches

Category : Detox

Manufacturer : Silver Slimming

Money Back : 30 days

If you want to detoxify your body quickly, naturally and in the convenience of your own home then the Silver Detox Patches are your best options.

What are Silver Detox Patches?

Silver Detox Patches are revolutionary trans-dermal drug delivery methods carry the ingredients which are present within strips directly into your bloodstream painlessly via the skin. It contains well-known natural ingredients which reacts with toxins and excretes them via various channels.

How does it work?

The wood vinegar or pyroligenous acid is used for their sterilising and antibacterial properties. It is known to have very high toxic absorption rate and this translates into its detoxifying & weight loss properties.

The eucalyptus, bamboo and oak tree saps invigorate the immune & metabolic system by stimulating the nerve endings and removing the absorbed toxins via the sweat through the skin.

The crystalline mineral Tourmaline & Agaricus mushrooms contain large amount of beta glucans which boosts immunity. Its healing properties are so powerful that it is widely used in Japan to treat cancer patients.

 It’s not just the beta glucans but also the alpha glucans contained in these mushroom are known to have positive influences on overall wellness and health. Apart from weight loss these patches improve insulin resistance, have direct antiviral properties and lower blood sugar levels.     


Each patch is coated with a unique blend of ingredients that includes wood vinegars from Eucalyptus, bamboo, Oak tree sap, Beta glucans from Agaricus mushrooms and Tourmaline.


  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Exotic formulation
  • No need for supplement or diets
  • Acts very quickly results within 5 days
  • Discrete & Works through the night.


  • The adhesive on the patch might cause allergy
  • Once worn cannot be replaced.
  • The patches can be hard to use for those with sweaty feet

Directions for use

Use one patch on each foot every day before bedtime. Remember to wear a sock to prevent the patch from wearing off during sleep. You can remove the patch in the morning. A typical 5 day programme with 10 patches is good enough to see the results.


This highly effective patch comes as a part of a 5 day programme of detoxification which leaves you revitalised. It detoxifies your body, removes excess body fat, and boosts your immunity while helping stay clear of infections, all while you sleep with the patch on your feet.

This can be the supplement that is convenient yet powerful enough to detox as well as help you lose weight. Even though it can help you lose weight there must be restraint when it comes to your diet.

Where to buy

The foot patches are available from the official vendor site

The patches are competitively priced with a pack containing 10 patches costs only £19.95. Moreover, there is a limited time “Buy one! Get one!”Offer.  Plus the usual free shipping to UK with bonus 7 day diet plan.

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