Pure Acai Berry Powder Review

Name : Pure Acai Berry Powder Tub

Category : Superfruit

Manufacturer : Evolution Slimming

Money Back : 30 days

We all wish our favourite foods to contain the power of exotic super fruits and not the excessive calories that they most often contain. The pure Acai Berry Powder Tub can be added to your favourite food turning them into super foods.

What is 100% Pure Acai Powder Tub?

Acai Berry is now available in a freeze-dried powder form which you can be directly added to your foods. The manufacturing process is done in a manner which preserves all its nutrients and health benefits. The berry is soaked in hot water and the pulp is flash-frozen and its water removed by a special vacuum chamber.

This ensures its natural goodness is preserved and it’s then ground into a powder and seal-packed in moisture proof tubs. Now you can easily add a potent anti-oxidant to your regular meals.

How does it work?

The powdered form of Acai contains the anti-oxidants anthocyanins and flavonoids which are potent bio-compounds fighting against heart disease and cancer. They do this by reducing the oxidative stress-causing free radicals.

The berry also contains high amounts of omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids which tend to reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol and maintain healthy levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol in the blood. This helps in weight loss as well as keeps your heart healthier.

It replenish the body after a workout or day out as it provides Vitamins A, C, E and B- complex which are necessary for the body in small amounts.

Moreover, ensures the smooth functioning of daily metabolic activities with other essential minerals like iron, calcium, copper and zinc.Higher metabolic rate helps to flush out toxins, restore nutrients and lose weight naturally.


It’s one of the few Acai berry powders to contain 100% pure Acai berry without any preservatives, additives or fillers. It contains 100 grams pure acai pulp freeze dried into a powder.


  • 100% pure Acai
  • No additives or fillers
  • Easily added to foods
  • No side effects
  • Weight loss benefits
  • Improves overall wellness


  • Must be consumed regularly to achieve desired benefits
  • Losing weight requires dieting

Directions for use

Add any amount of this powder to your favourite foods. It does add flavour to the foods so add them accordingly. Keep them in a moisture free environment as they can form lumps. Long term daily use of acai berries is highly recommended.


Acai powder can easily be added to your home-made meal replacement shakes, smoothies, drinks and ice-creams to add the benefits of acai berry and lose weight naturally. The powder retains all the benefits & taste of the original Acai fruit. It can be taken at your convenience and as often as you desire without any undesirable side effects.

It is ideal for vegetarians and working professionals who wish to lose weight & avoid gaining weight due to the lack of minerals & nutritional supplements in your system. You can start giving the body the nutrients it needs with super fruits in any form.In this case you can enjoy the taste of acai as well as its weight loss properties along with its other anti oxidants & nutrients.

Where to buy

You are able to buy the 100g tubs from official vendor www.evolution-slimming.com .

For a limited time it is available at a discounted price of £29.95. Remember you also get free UK shipping & A 7 day diet plan. 

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