Comparison Reviews : Proactol Plus Vs ChuGay Tongue Patch

Proactol or The Chugay Tongue Patch?

Discounts8% OffNil
Money Back180 DaysNil
Medical SupportApproved by leading health professionals across the globe.Proven Medical Procedure
Negative Side EffectsNilPainful and difficult to consume solid foods.

Permanent surgical procedure
Scientific Assesments6 scientific trials since 1997Nil

Weight loss should not be at any cost, pros and cons of various weight loss products should be analyzed before using them and hence we have started these comparison reviews to product credible information to choose the products which works the best.

How can Proactol plus encourage weight loss?

The new proactol plus which is a improved version of proactol a natural fat binder which binds to fat in the food.When we take proactol the fat binders make the dietary fat insoluble and hence providing dieters an easy and natural way to take of nearly 1-2lbs of fat every week.

How can Chugay Tongue Patch help you?

Chugay tongue patch is mess surgically attached to once tongue in order to discourage consumption of solid foods. The idea is to have more liquid foods which generally have lower calories than solid foods. This method can be highly effective which instant results. Some of the dieters have lost nearly 1.5 lbs in a week

Despite it being a success we think it’s far too painful and temporary to garner attention. The mesh makes it extremely painful while consuming foods and once the mesh is removed the weight adds on easily.

What Is Safer?

Chugay tongue patch is safe if done by an expert in the field under proper hygienic conditions but can be quite expensive and post surgical infection is one of the main risks along with painful.While Chugay tongue patch is expensive Proactol Plus is relatively less expensive costing only $30 per month. The advantage Proactol Plus has is that its 100% herbal weight loss pill. It’s been in the market for over 5 years so its reliable but the main disadvantage with Proactol Plus is that it needs to be supplemented with exercise and proper diet.

We Recommend Proactol Plus

Both products have their pros and cons but we think Proactol Plus has an distinct advantage over Chugay as its readily available and affordable.Clcik the respective buttons below to read review of proactol plus or to order .

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