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Proactol Plus is the #1 fat binder in the market , It's success lies in its 100% natural ingredients which guarantee's weight loss without any side effects.If you want more information about Proactol Plus please read our Proactol Plus Review .

With the demand for Proactol Plus ever increasing due the positive feedback from our readers we are determined to help our readers buy Proactol Plus cheaper than anywhere else we decided to create this comprehensive help page to know about Proactol Plus free bonus offers along with discount coupons and how to use those discount coupons or E vouchers available for buying Proactol Plus through order page of Proactol Plus. Proactol Plus discounts are available for our readers worldwide.Special promotions and bonuses apart from these discounts are listed below

**This Week Only Special Promotion – Get A Box For Proactol Plus For Just £26.72 ($40.25)

Coupon Code

Retail Price

Incl Std Shipping

Price Per Box

After Coupon


Buy Proactol Plus

Using Coupons


$555 (£368.95)

$40.25 (£26.7) ($322)

8 Months

Use This Coupon


$422 (£280)

$42.95 (£28.5) ($257.60)

6 Months

Use This Coupon



$44.16 (£29.5)($220.8)

5 Months

Use This Coupon



$46 (£30.5) ($184)

4 Months

Use This Coupon



$49.37 (£32.5)($148.12)

3 Months

Use This Coupon

Proactol Plus Special Bonuses

When you use our above coupons you are eligible for special bonuses that are given for free along with Proactol Plus depending on the packages you buy.

  1. Two Months and Above Packages are eligible for free shipping
  2. Three Months Packages will make you eligible for a Free Pure Acai Berry Max 1 month Supply worth $69.95 and also Celebrity Diet Secrets E-book Plus all the above
  3. Four Months Packages will make you eligible for  all the above and also gives to life time membership for "Home Weight Loss Program"
  4. Five Months Packages will make you eligible for all the above plus "Free Weight Loss Collection E-book" (Most Popular Order Among Our Readers)
  5. Six Months Packages will make you eligible for all the above plus "Collection of Free Weight Recipes E-book"
  6. Eight Months Packages will make you eligible for all the above plus exclusive access to "Tone & Online Aerobics Videos And Low Fat Recipes Course" (Best Value For Money Pack, Third Most Popular Among Our Readers)

Special Promo a Pack Of Pure Acai Berry Max worth $69 Free With  Three Month or More Package Of Proactol Plus.

How To Use Our Exclusive Proactol Plus Coupons

1. Option for Package : Once you are on the order page choose the offer you need.Here is an list of the discount codes that can be used for different packages of Proactol Plus.

2. Option For Shipping:Then you will be able to choose the between these two :


25-30 Days – Not Tracked


4-5 Days Tracked & Guaranteed

PS:There is NO free shipping for 1 month package.

3. How to use the discount code: Its time to use the discount codes, enter the discount code in the box pointed out by the arrow in the image below. you need to use the discount codes as per the packages the selected.

After entering every details just click the "Proceed To Checkout" Button . Then fill you shipping and Billing information for completing the order.Please Note: These offers are limited to a certain period of time. There may be new offers in future or may not be one but we cannot guarantee the duration of these exclusive HWLA promotional offers. So if you are looking to  get your weight loss program an kick start with Proactol Plus,there is no better time than now !!

Free Bonuses Available With Every Order Today

Home Weight Loss Made Easy

Want to feel sexy and slim like never before ? This is the answer for you, online membership to an exclusive members forum filled with videos of fitness routine,  low carb diet recipes and excercise demonstrations.This will not only help you but also will motivate you to become more confident and healthier person.

Effective Weight Loss E-Book

It is one of a kind digital book dealing with the mental aspect of weight loss.Topics such as how to stay focus on weight loss goals, emotional eating, negative thinking, lack of confidence and excercising in a busy schedule are discussed in detail.This will surely help someone who wants to get fit and slim but doesn't know where to begin.

Must Have Low Fat Recipes

This is a collection of easy to make low fat recipes, hand picked by some of the best dietians from around the world.This diet will suit and make the proactol work more efficiently.Weight loss doesn't going hungry, you can eat delicious easy to cook meals every day and still lose weight.Recipes such as these have high fibre content, low fat and rich in nutrients.It also provides fresh ideas so you can create your own recipes in time.

Tone Up And Go Aerobics Videos

Aerobics are a great way to burn those calories.Its fun to do aerobics and if you are given the right coaching it can be best excercise routine you would ever do.Tone Up And Go online classes help students learn the different routines and sessions involved in aerobics through a series online classes. A professional fitness instructor will be guiding you through all the excercise to ensure correct posture and shape.

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