Lipobind Review

Name : Lipobind

Category: Fat Binder

Manufacturer : Omega Pharma UK

Money Back : Nil

Side Effects : Stools

Are you on a weight loss fast track? If yes, then there is some good news. Lipobind is a natural fat binder that reduces the fat absorbed by your body from your everyday diet. The fat content of food often goes undigested and accumulates in different body parts. This product acts a fat binder and can cut down 150 calories from each meal. Now, that is equivalent to one burger.

If you are into physical exercises, you would know how much sweat and time goes into burning 150 calories on a treadmill. You may require 10 minutes of non-stop jogging or 20 minutes of brisk walk to burn 150 calories. But with this supplement it is a quick & easy.  

What is Lipobind?

This supplement is made from the extracts of dried cactus and is a 1005 genuine natural slimming pill. Lipobind is a fat binding supplement made off non-soluble as well as soluble fibers. Clinical results have shown that through a serious of hydrophobic interactions it binds to fats in diet. These fibers also slow down glucose absorption by binding to bile acids.

How it Works?

This supplement has the ability to create a larger fat fiber complex by binding with normal dietary fat. This complex is not absorbed by the small intestine and remains undigested. It is then flushed out from your body via the stool. Typically the fat content binds itself and is converted into fluid gel; hence there is no question of it being absorbed by the body. No absorption means that you will not gain weight. Instead the fat will be eliminated from your body.


  • Reduces food cravings
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol
  • Ideal for vegetarians
  • Certified medically
  • Available over the counter


  • This supplement suppresses appetite by creating a bulking effect
  • Increasing the viscosity of bile acids may cause gastric problems.
  • May have trouble with controlling stools

Directions to Use

Lipobind is available in the form of tablets. You can take two tablets in a day for effective results. Make sure they are taken after meals.


It might seem like the perfect solution for your dietary problems.For individuals who consume foods that are high in fat content can certainly rely on this slimming pill to reduce fat absorption.However this supplement does have its share of embarrassing side effects. The undigested fats are removed by the body through stools and some of the customers have reported uncontrolled stools during sleep.

Lipobind does work and it’s an effective way to lose weight. Combining it with proper workout routines to get the best results and also research other fat binders like proactol plus that might suite your needs.  

 Where to Buy

Lipobind is available online as well as offline without any medical prescription. You can buy it online at a discounted rate at

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