How To Find The Best Real Hoodia

Will The Hoodia Product You Buy Work ?

It's not a very good feeling if it doesn't, Not only will you lose a few dollars but more importantly the damn thing won't work.The simplest thing which you should do is to just write the term ‘hoodia’ and search the web and you will find that there is shower of an assortment of companies which claim to offer you ‘genuine’ products. An average surfer generally looks for easy access to a range of Hoodia products which can be readily bought.

You will find that nearly about eighty percent of the Hoodia products which you are browsing are not real. Many of these products, unfortunately, are just the ones that were willingly sent to Alkemist pharmaceuticals for the purpose of testing. Any person will certainly think as to what is the reason that most of the products which you browse are found to be fake and only few of them to be real. There are several points to it.

The first point is which Hoodia plant has been used. If you are spotting a Hoodia product that is not helping you in identifying which type of Hoodia plant it is, then you may be looking at a supplement which contains wrong type of Hoodia.

What To Look For In A Hoodia Product?

You should remember that there are thirteen types of Hoodia plant but out of all of them Hoodia Gordonii plant is the one that contains the active ingredient P57 which helps you in suppressing your appetite. The second point which you must consider is that which part of the Hoodia Gordonii plant has been used. You should also keep in mind that Hoodia Gordonii plant itself has its aerial stem (the core) of the plant which contains P57 (an active molecule).

The other parts of the plants like flowers, leaves and roots, do not contribute anything in terms of weight loss. Hence, you may find several companies which may claim to be using hundred percent pure Hoodia Gordonii and this may not be strictly true if whole of the plant is used for making the supplement. If the company is doing this then you are probably only getting sixty percent of the plants’ active ingredient. The third point is that whether there are any other ingredients like these.

There Is No Cheap Hoodia!

This is the place where it gets complicated. This is because the companies generally claim to be using hundred percent Hoodia Gordonii on their label but they do not generally give you pure supplement. Hoodia Gordonii is considered to be an endangered species with limited harvests and exportation's. Before investing you should thoroughly check the ingredient list provided by the company. On the packaging the only ingredients you will be seeing is the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant and one of the ingredients which is used for making up its capsules is gelatib.

The fourth point which you should consider is that whether the ingredient which you are using is an extract or not. In fact, ‘extract’ usually means that you are receiving only sixty percent of the plants core. The remaining is a combination of caffeine, fillers or other inactive parts of the Hoodia Gordonii plant which will do nothing for suppressing your appetite. The above explanations give you the concept as why so many

Hoodia supplements fail such tests. There are very few companies who provide you real Hoodia products. So, you should thoroughly check your chosen products ingredients’ list before investing on them. One of the products which are clinically tested is Unique Hoodia. This product has been tested by Alkemist pharmaceuticals.

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