Hoodia Side Effects – Is It Safe ?

Hoodia Gordonii Everywhere!

There is no denying of the fact that the ongoing Hoodia Gordonii phenomenon is an interesting thing. The performance of this exceptional appetite suppressant has been really impressive, given the fact that its miracle ingredient p57 was discovered in the last decade and its clinical trials were completed only a few years back. If you search for Hoodia Gordonii in Google, several different Hoodia products will pop up. Few of these products include shakes, lollipops, candy, tea, coffee, patches, tablets, and capsules. In order to benefit from this incredible phenomenon, manufacturers have put Hoodia Gordonii into each and everything that is edible. But the relevant question that arises is how effective are these products in suppressing your appetite?

Further, how can you be sure that you are consuming 1,250mg to 2,000mg of Hoodia Gordonii that is needed for suppressing your appetite effectively? The answer is that you can never be sure about these things. Since Hoodia Gordonii is mixed with a variety of other chemicals and ingredients, no one can guarantee that he/she is consuming the right doses. Let us consider the example of a company that claims one of their Hoodia lollipops contains 400mg of Hoodia Gordonii.

This seems to be okay but the problem arises when you have to consume the entire lollipop in order to receive the full amount of 400mg. Now, eating a full lollipop does not exactly complement the weight loss. Further, there is a doubt that whether or not the inclusion of other chemicals and ingredients have adversely affected its potency to boost appetite suppression in a natural manner. If extract and tablet form of this medicine are not advised, and any changes affects its potency, then certainly adding other ingredients to the original formula must make them less reliable?

How Effective is Your Hoodia Product?

Even though it is an assumption, it still raises doubt about the reliability of these teas, patches, and lollipops. How can you be sure of obtaining the desired results by its consumption? Moreover, according to Alkemist Pharmaceuticals about 80% of these Hoodia Gordonii supplements are fake. They are either made from wrong kind of Hoodia plant or from the entire plant. It is appropriate to mention that there are 13 varieties of Hoodia plant and only Hoodia Gordonii contains p57, an active appetite suppressing ingredient. If they are made by using the entire plant, then only 60% of it is effective as only the core contains p57.

This fact coupled with the reality that it is a rare plant, raises questions about the credibility of such Hoodia products. So, how to obtain the effective results? We recommend you to buy a Hoodia Gordonii supplement that can prove that it contains 100% pure and unaltered Hoodia Gordonii. So, you must buy a capsule that has been lab-tested by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals to contain pure Hoodia Gordonii. Additionally, you must also check its CITES certificate so as to be sure of its origin and it must contain a minimum of 400mg of authentic Hoodia Gordonii, derived from the core of the plant.

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UniqueHoodia is one supplement that is tried, tested, and backed by expert health officials. It also has all the required certificates to prove its authenticity. By using UniqueHoodia, users can benefit from:

  • 100% pure and unaltered Hoodia Gordonii;
  • Calorie reduction by about 2,000 calories per day; and
  • Ten thousand times more strong than Glucose in suppressing appetite.

Moreover, it is backed by Organic Annex and CITES certification along with a Certificate of Analysis to prove its genuineness. Now, you can be confident of achieving the desired results by consuming UniqueHoodia.3 Unique hoodia Capsules with your meals in all that it takes to satisfy your daily hoodia need.

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