Fucoxantrim Review

Brown seaweed has been used in weight loss pills for a while now but Organic Health Labs has formulated a completely new and safe pill for shedding those inches without unwanted side effects. Under the auspices of Dr. Oz, they have launched the Fucoxantrim Complete with a 10:1 concentration of the main ingredient fucoxanthin.

Fucoxanthin has been identified as the main chemical in weight loss. Organic Health labs found the dizzying high concentration of diuretics and stimulants used in most weight loss pills today in a research and recognised the reason for the weight yo-yoing for millions of adult obese Americans.

With the help of Dr. Oz they formulated the brown seaweed into a pill which helps get rid of not just belly fat but the hidden fat on the liver too. Dr. Oz recommends taking 500mg each day. Although liquorice was suggested by him to stabilise the blood glucose but Organic Health Labs played it safe with addition of organic cinnamon’s bark which naturally levels blood glucose without side effects.

Organic Health Labs said that healthy weight loss occurs at around a kilo (2 pounds) a week. Anything more than that is too drastic and definitely unhealthy. Pills claiming loss of 20 or 30 pounds a week are depriving you of necessary lean muscle and water and the effects will be seen soon enough.

This forced diuresis from the body can overload the kidneys and lead to concentration of metabolites and wastes in the body with its undesirable consequences. As soon as the pill is stopped, the body starts retaining water, leading to weight gain and disrupting the entire mechanism of homeostasis that our body is always trying to maintain.

The ingredients in OHL’s latest offering are organic ingredients with multiple actions. This will not only help burn the fat, but is also a potent appetite suppressant and full of anti-oxidants to fight the free radical stress.  It also detoxifies the body and leads to overall rejuvenation along with weight loss as opposed to other pills which help lose weight along with loss of skin and hair texture.

But one must remember that the wisest way to lose weight is always cutting down on fats and carbohydrates in your diet while replacing them with fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Exercising to burn the fat is the most natural way to getting the dream body. Nothing can beat these two, no matter how organic or natural or exotic.

Directions To Use

1 capsule two times daily with or without meals and 8oz of water.

Where To Buy

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