Flex Belt Review

We have always wanted some solution that would help us lose the weight while we are idle or reading a book or simple working at a desk. The modern lifestyle puts enormous stress of both body and mind which results in weight gain. Flexbelt is a solution especially designed to address this problem.

What is FlexBelt?

FlexBelt is a medically tested and the only FDA approved toning belt that will help strength and tone your abdominal muscles by just wearing it. Its patented one-of-a-kind technology ensures that your abdominal muscles undergo perfect contractions while you are wearing the belt and bring back the lost tone of your muscles.

How does it work?

The belt has three gel pads which are strategically positioned over the central and external oblique muscles. The pads transmit electrical impulses to not just these muscles but all the other muscles in the abdomen so that all of them contract synchronously and help you lose those extra inches and achieve the sculpted look.

How Is It Made ?

It has an electrical impulses generator embedded in it. These impulses get transmitted to points where there are large bunches of nerves, so that all the branches of the nerves get stimulated simultaneously. Thus the entire abdomen gets a workout, not just those directly underneath the pads. This is because of the unique gel pads which conduct the impulses effectively to the muscles without any loss of energy.


  • No sweating
  • No exercising or dieting
  • Extremely convenient
  • Fast- just 30 minutes each day
  • Strengthens abs
  • Increases endurance and flexibility


  • Toning might not be permanent
  • Frequent replacements of gel pads required

Directions for use

All you have to do is tie it on your waist with the Velcro, for as little as thirty minutes each day and sit back doing your work or prepare your evening meal, while the belt sheds those pounds and does the workout for you. After around 30 sessions, replace the gel pads with new ones and continue your sweat-free exercise.


Clinical tests have shown that 100% users felt more toned abs and 92% felt an increased tone of the muscles. The gel pads stimulate the nerves such that all the muscles contract together and completely giving a total flexion and great toning for the abdomen. This unique feature of this belt which makes it a wiser buy compared to other belts available in the market. It is perfect for those who have very little time to hit the gym for a workout.

Where to buy

You can order your very own lean, mean, weight loss machine at www.theflexbelt.com at an incredible price of $199.99. The more you buy the greater the discounts get, so go ahead and gift one to your loved one too.

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