Fibretrim Review

Name: Fibretrim

Category : Appetite Suppressant

Manufacturer : Zotrim Ltd.

Money Back  : None

If you are on the lookout for tasty drinks to help you lose those inches, then you can be sure your search ends with this drink.

What is FibreTrim Drink?

FibreTrim is a double action orange and mango flavoured drink containing Zotrim which helps you maximize your weight loss speedily yet safely by burning more calories each day and suppressing the appetite.

How does it work?

Fibretrim suppresses your appetite effectively so that you consume less number of calories each day. Also, its dual action means it helps boost the fat metabolism and burn more calories each day than you would burn with just exercising or dieting.

The inulin content supplies the necessary energy to keep you functioning well by its high energy content and also boosts calcium and magnesium absorption in the body. It is used often to replace fat and sugar in products because of its mildly sweet taste and high energy content. It also promotes the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria which help produce Vitamin B12 and vitamin K in our body.

Clinical trials showed 27% reduction in appetite during meals on consuming Fibretrim. The Inulin produced almost 25-30% energy of carbohydrates.


Fibretrim contains the same powerful formulation as the Zotrim pills. Herbal appetite suppressants such as Yerbe Maté, Guarana and Damiana  are used in the drink along with herbal sweetener inulin.


  • Effectively curbs appetite
  • Helps lose up to 200 calories per meal
  • No side effects
  • Amazing taste yet as effective as Zotrim pills
  • Easy to prepare and consume
  • High in fibre-aids digestion
  • Safe even for diabetics


  • Not a permanent weight loss solution
  • Needs to be supported with proper diet
  • Doesn’t burn fat

Directions for use

Use 1 sachet every day, it’s not recommended but you can also use two sachets a day to give double boost to your weight loss. Drink them 30 mins before meals.


It can help you lose almost 2 pounds each week with its Dual action formula. It also keeps your body healthy and active unlike other appeite suppressant drinks which deprive you of essential micronutrients. When combined with a well thought out diet and regular moderate exercise routine it can help you achieve that well toned look in no time!

It doesn’t deprive the body of the essential nutrients but by its inulin content boosts the nutrient absorption making you feel more energetic even at the end of a long day. Its ease of use and great taste makes it extremely desirable for those who are tired of consuming bland and pungent products to get rid of their weight. As it provides high fibre without raising the triglyceride levels in the body it becomes an extremely safe alternative even for diabetics who are overweight.

Where to buy

Can be bought through the official vendor site

Each box containing 20 sachets is priced at $32.21 but the price reduces considerably if you choose higher options like 3 boxes ($77.49) and 6 boxes ($142.06). 

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