Dieting Is Wrong And Never Worked Say Scientists

A new study by American Scientists revealed that everything that all the diets that we have been having all this while to lose weight were absolutely wrong, which makes sense because they never really helped us lose weight. So they now claim that all the dieting basics we have in mind are erroneous and the entire multi-billion dollar industry based on these concepts is nothing but fluff.

Currently, it is universally accepted that cutting down on a certain number of calories each day will help you steadily lose weight with time. But the main flaw of the theory is that it doesn’t take into account the reduced metabolism once you start losing weight. The American Association for Advancement of Science stated this elusive fact at the meeting in Vancouver. They said that this slower metabolism resulted in a plateau on the weight loss graph leading to discouragement and most people giving up on diets.

The old theory predicted double the weight loss than what actually happens on a diet because as we lose weight the body’s metabolism also slows down and so despite cutting down on calories we burn only half the fat that we would earlier. So finally the diet for a short term and a permanent weight loss will be totally different as both require a different strategy.

But Carson Chow, co-author of the study pointed out another interesting aspect of the study that the amount of calorie cut required was lesser than researchers actually anticipated. Their study was published in The Lancer in 2011 August issue. The link can be sued to find out how much weight loss, diet and exercise you should do and how to maintain the lost weight.

Despite its contrast value it has taken the world by storm like it was expected it might as it is not exactly prepared for common public use. It is meant to be used for doctors, researchers to use for weight loss in adults. In case extreme weight loss is entered as a goal then the model might return answers which are unrealistic and would need an expert analysis to be applied practically.

The old rules are hard to change as they have been ingrained into our minds since generations, but Kevin Hall is hopeful that this will change with time and people will be more acceptable to this new reality. Despite new tools being available at disposal to lose weight the inertia will take time to reduce and hopefully people will warm up to the new idea and simulators soon to make maximum use of it.

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