Capsiplex Plus 5-HTP Pro Review

Name: Capsiplex Plus

Category : Fat Burner

Manufacturer: Advanced Health

Side Effects : None

Capsiplex which uses the slimming properties of Capsicum extract on its own is an effective slimming aid but now the all new capsiplex plus package adds 5-hydroxytryptophan to your daily diet.

What is it ?

It is the new way to control your weight.The improved formulation includes capsiplex and capsiplex 5-HTP pro helps you to lose weight faster and more effectively than before without any side effects.It helps to stay focused on your weight loss as it enhances your mood, suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism.

How does it work ?

Tryptophans is an essential amino acid ( building blocks of  protein ) in our body that is responsible for 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytrptophans) synthesis. This 5-HTP in turn induces serotonin production in the body. Serotonin has been clinically proven to enhance mood, control appetite and other positive social behaviour. Though 5.HTP's are not found directly in food, its precursor Tryptophans present in diet are converted into 5-HTP's in smaller quantities. If 5-HTP's are taken in the form of supplements immediate results are assured.

The capsiplex 5-HTP pro combined with Capsiplex's original Capsicum extract based slimming pills can now burn fat, control appetite, increase metabolism and much more. The capsicum present in capsiplex slimming pills works as the fat burner.In various clinical studies it has been proven that Capsicum Extract has the ability to reduce calories, increase metabolic rate, burn carbs, and reduce body fat


Capsiasin, Caffeine, Niacin, Piperine and 5-HTP


Higher Serotonin Levels

Increased Metabolism

Reduced Body Mass

Reduced Body Fat

280 calories burned in a day


Lack of energy

Use of Capsicum might be allergic to some

Directions To Use

Take both the pills once a day 30 minutes before exercises or workout


The Capsiplex plus package is an enhanced version of the widely popular and celebrity endorsed Capsiplex.The additional bottle of 5-HTP pro is provided along with Capsiplex to enhance it abilities to address Anxiety, Mood swings and Sleeplessness associated with weight loss. This pill does increase increase the capabilities of capsiplex to a notch higher.So if you are looking to reduce your holiday weight gain then this is certainly the worth a try.

Where To Buy

You can buy capsiplex plus from the official site

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