Calxpel Carb Blocker Review

Maximum Strength Formula for Men & Women


Category : Carbohydrate Blocker

Price: £29.95 ($45 USD)

Company :Evolution Slimming

Quantity : 60 Capsules (1 Bottle)

Dosage : Not more than 2 capsules a day

Made in the UK for Quality Assurance

 What Is Calxpel

Today the norm of beauty and attractiveness includes slim, sleek, and fit body. Chubbiness is no more appreciated. So, if any person is over weight and if they desire to lose their extra weight in order to attract the eyes of their partner then there are numerous options available with the help of which one can easily lose their excessive weight.

Some of these are non chemical weight loss products and some are made up of harsh chemical that can damage your overall health and some of them are herbal. One of the best herbal weight loss capsules available for weight loss is Calxpel. This capsule is perfect for weight loss because it prevents the absorption of calories that you consume through carbohydrates.

It has many other benefits to offer its user. This capsule consists of white kidney beans extracts and it has already been researched that extracts of white kidney beans hold back the absorption of calories from your food that you consume everyday. It is recommended that you have to intake this weight loss capsule before you take your meal because this will immobilize the starch amylase, enzyme, to stop calories from being absorbed from your diet.


  • Blocks Carbohydrates from Foods
  • Totally Herbal Advanced Strength Formula
  • Appetite Suppressing & Fat Burning
  • Contains Bee Pollen Antioxidants
  • Just One Dose Per Day
  • Free from Ephedrine


  • No clinical Studies
  • Lack of Information about the results
  • No dedicated website

How Calxpel Works ?

It works by blocking carbohydrate absorption.Calxpel will not block the entire calories but it is estimated that at least one third is blocked. It is also estimated that this capsule will cut down nearly 40% of the calories in each meal. Calxpel is popular and a simple way to prevent extra calories of carbohydrate from your food to be absorbed so that you can enjoy your foods without any tension of getting fat.                     

Another benefit from calxplex is that it helps to increase the metabolic rate of your onhealthy body because of the bee pollen which acts as antioxidants. On the other hand it also boosts the energy level of your body and also suppresses the hunger. Those who use weight loss pills might be aware about bee pollen because it is one of the oldest dietary supplements.

Calxpel Ingredients

This supplement is rich in vitamin B, and also contain huge amount of minerals, elements, amino acids and enzymes.On the other hand it contains antioxidants in small amounts including vitamins C, betacarotene, vitamin E, flavonoids, lycopene, and selenium.

With the help of its antioxidants properties bee pollen fortify the immune system of your body. The main function of antioxidants is to disable the free radicals from your body. It has been researched that bee pollen is very beneficial because it helps to work protect the immune system against the pollutants.

Most of the time bee pollen is used by the athletes to increase the energy level, endurance, speed, and strength. So, whenever you decide to loss your excessive weight from your body it is recommended that you should use capsule that consist bee pollen like Calxpel and they are not very expensive. They are available in just 23 pounds per month supply.

Directions To Use

Take 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast.It is also advisable not overeat just because you are now consuming a carb blocker.These pills don't block the entire carbohydrates consumed and excessive eating can nullify the pills work. Contiual use of calxpel is a must to maintain the weight lost.


If you are looking to start of with a herbal carb blocker Calxpel is a great choice not only does it work brilliantly it has been priced just right.There is really no excuse not to try this capsule.If you are lucky you can buy calxpel at cheapest price every, We are pleased to let our readers know that you can get a 30% discount on your calxpel for a limited time.

Where To Buy

Calxpel doesnt have an dedicated website and can be bought from Evolution-Slimming.Com one of the most respected slimming store online.Order Calxpel With 30% Discount @ Just £29.95/Limited Time

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  1. Green says:

    no as effective as i expected it to be! disappointed but lost only 2 lbs in 4 weeks

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