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One of the most usual advises that you will be provided about Hoodia Gordonii pills is to compare their prices. You should always keep this point in mind due to the rarity of this plant. This plant comes under endangered species and its export from South Africa is strictly monitored. This is exactly the reason behind high cost of the supplements extracted from this plant. However, if you type Hoodia Gordonii in the search box of Google, you will find that several companies are offering these pills at much cheaper rate.

Many companies are selling 100 tablets of Hoodia Gordonii at just US$24.99. Now, the question arises that what is wrong in it? Wait till we compare the prices of all the Hoodia Gordonii supplements available in the market today. When you will see the comparison chart, you will better understand what we are talking about. But, first the comparison:

UniqueHoodia (90 capsules) £36.82
Hoodia Gordonii 9600mg (90 capsules)£29.95
100% pure Hoodia Gordonii (100 Tabs – under a buy 1 get 1 free offer)£24.99
Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills£19.95
EST Nutrition Hoodia Gordonii (60 capsules)£08.08
Hoodia FX (60 capsules)£06.08


Unique Hoodia Costs More!

The price difference is for all to see. There is a whopping difference of £30 between UniqueHoodia and Hoodia FX capsules. It can be comfortably argued that Hoodia FX contains 30 capsules less than UniqueHoodia. But, even if you add another 30 capsules to Hoodia FX pack, it cost will go up only by £3.04. It is still nowhere near to UniqueHoodia. So, what exactly is the reason behind such big difference in prices? The answer is that Hoodia supplements available at very low prices are not genuine. The manufacturers are either using incorrect type of Hoodia plant or they are not using Hoodia Gordonii at all. It is imperative to mention that there are 13 plants in the Hoodia family but only

Hoodia Gordonii contains p57, an active appetite suppressing agent. Some manufacturers use the entire Hoodia Gordonii plant that makes about 40% of the supplement ineffective as only the core contains p57 and not the rest of the plant. In reality, most of the manufacturers are adopting these tactics. Otherwise, which company would offer 100% pure, unaltered 60 Hoodia Gordonii capsules for a meager sum of £6.08? This means that only 6 pence per capsule is being charged by them.

Yeah It's Cheap But Does It Work?

In the same way, companies offering schemes such as buy one get one free are not telling the truth. Take the case of 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. It appears from the rate comparison chart above that its 100 capsules are being sold at £24.99, but if you consider the buy1 get 1 scheme offer, the effective cost of these pills comes out to be about £12.50 per 100 tablets. However, just by analyzing the prices you cannot be sure that you are buying 100% pure and unaltered Hoodia Gordonii supplement. Before buying these supplements, you must thoroughly check their ingredients’ list, CITES certificate, and medical backing.

The price comparison also helps in narrowing down your research. In order to loose weight in an easy and natural manner, you must buy UniqueHoodia supplements. As clear from the price chart above, it is priced at £36.82 for a pack of 90 capsules. It is medically backed by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and is CITES and Annex certified. It also has a Certificate of Analysis and is clinically proven to provide the following benefits:

  • Ten thousand times more potent than Glucose in appetite suppression;
  • Reduces calorie content by about 2,000 calories per day; and
  • Enhances self-esteem and energy levels.

Consumers can safely use these pills for loosing weight as they offer no side-effects to overall health.

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