BreathSlim Reviews

Name: Breath Slim

Category : Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant

Type : Inhaler Device

Results : 8Lbs in 4 weeks

Side Effects : None

Manufacturer : Evolution Slimming

What is BreathSlim?

It’s a brand new device that uses breathing as a catalysts to burn fat.We all have know how Yoga, Tai chi and other ancient forms of exercise routine lay importance on breathing but we are all not the same and we may not be able to follow a yoga routine every day. That is where Breathslim can help to use the power of breathing to its full potential.The breathslim system not only helps you master the art of breathing but also let know whether you are doing it right

How Does It Work ?

Breathslim makes breathing simple and easy which makes oxygen more readily available to our body.The extra oxygen in our body has an immediate positive effect on our overall energy level.More energy mean lesser the need for extra calories hence a smaller appetite.

The extra oxygen also helps to burn of excess fat.Oxygen is the key catalyst that helps fat to be oxidized ( burn fat).As with any fire more the oxygen better is the burning process.

Benefits Of Breath Slim

  • Improves Metabolism and Suppresses Appetite
  • Rejuvenates Central Nervous System, Immune System and Fat Oxidation
  • Helps master controlled and synchronized breathing
  • Reduces snoring and sleep deprivation
  • Equivalent to 10-20 Minutes of cardio or running


  • All Natural
  • No Drugs
  • No Side Effects
  • Easy to use
  • No need for diets
  • FDA Approved
  • Device comes with 1 yr Warranty
  • Results within a month


  • Need to use regulary to keep weight off
  • Results take time
  • Following the routine needs discipline

Directions To Use

When you purchase the breathslim device you will also get a DVD with detailed instructions.

The Verdict

Breathslim system is a revolutionary new approach and way to look at weight loss.Instead of using a drug to stimulate body into action we are using the natural ability of our own body to burn fat,the way it is supposed to work if we didn’t have this hectic and stresses modern life. Just this refreshing approach alone would make BreathSlim a must have as it is not just about weight loss but a step taken towards a better health.With its various other benefits apart losing weight, Breathslim is an ideal addition to your weight loss regime.Remember its not always one ill one pill.

Where To Buy

You can buy breathslim from official store .

The kit costs £59.95 ($98.30).This includes the entire system with all the parts & instructional DVD. Evolution slimming also offers UK free shipping for this product

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