Bistro MD Diet Delivery Review

We have heard from everyone that eating right is more important than dieting or cutting down on certain food groups, but how is it possible when u have your anniversary around the corner or your best friend’s inviting you for a party? Bistro MD answers how.

What is Bistro MD?

BistroMD is a unique online restaurant which serves you healthy meals at your doorstep. It has been founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist MD who is a former trustee of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and is a certified bariatric and Family Physician. It’s her vision of helping people eat the right food without losing out on palatability that led to founding Bistro MD.

How does it work?

Bistro MD offers various plans which are sets of various dishes and meals. You can choose the plan, the number of the days and the dishes that you want from their large platter of scrumptious offerings. Their on-panel dieticians are personally trained by Dr. Caroline in the art of preparing food with maximum taste and minimal calories. Their specially trained chefs make meals keeping in mind the nutritional requirements and the calorie counts.

“BistroMD is the best home meal delivery program available!” – Dr. Phil McGraw, The Dr. Phil Show

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What about the menu?

Their menu offers breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner of vegetarian and non-vegetarian buy priligy online fare. From turkey to salmon to French toast, they have everything a foodie might want minus the freaky calories. You can prepare your own combinations of dishes, pay online for the plan and sit back and enjoy  the meals while you effortlessly lose weight, that too the healthy way. You do not need to cook or clean, just heat them and enjoy this delicious weight loss plan.


  • Convenient-online menu selection and payment
  • Fast- few clicks is all you need
  • Inexpensive- their meals are light on fat as well as the pocket
  • Wide range of dishes
  • Customized solutions
  • Certified panel of dieticians and chefs
  • No dieting
  • No cooking or cleaning


  • Taste might not be as per your taste preferences, as is with any diets even when they say restaurant quality.


Weight loss doesn’t get easier and healthier than this. Bistro MD’s unique health plans allow you to eat away to glory, everything that you like and desire while you lose weight healthily. Its inexpensive, physician-made, customised plans are suitable for anybody from the working mom to the teenage student on the go.

Where to buy

You can order any of the various health plans of 5 or 7 days according to your needs on for rates which are light on your pocket.

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