Acai Plus Extreme Weight Loss Complex Review

Name : Acai Plus Extreme

Category : Fat burner

Manufacturer : Evolution slimming

Money Back : 30 Days

The power of anti-oxidant Acai coupled with Green tea, Guarana and Chromium makes a natural extreme weight loss formula called Acai Plus.

What is Acai Plus Extreme Weight Loss Complex?

The acai pulp is freeze-dried into a extract and then mixed with other fat burning ingredients to produce these highly effective acai plus capsules. This complex blend of ingredients has been individually clinically proven to help slimmers.

How does it work?

The Acai fruit contains flavonoid anti oxidant which neutralises the free radicals that lead to various cardio vascular diseases. They also contain high levels of iron, calcium, vitamin A and Omega fatty acids which reduce bad cholesterol. Thus, they help you in losing weight naturally.

Green tea present in the complex also contains catechin polyphenols anti-oxidants.It aids weight loss by thermogenesis where heat is produced when dietary calories are burned. This cycle of thermogenesis is already part of the body’s metabolism but these ingredients accelerate the process by using stored as well as dietary fats.

Guarana seeds because of their high caffeine content are really good energy supplements. The can support your diets and other exercise routines in an effort to burn more calories in the process and they do give a sustained support unlike coffee.  Chromium helps suppress the desire to binge and the cravings for sweet which reduces the overall calorie quotient of your diet. So in total these cover all the basic aspects in a weight loss regime


Each 700 mg capsule contains 400mg pure Acai fruit freeze-dried, green tea extract 40mg, Guarana seed extract 4:1 200 mg, Acetyl L- carnitine 40mg, Chromium polynicotinate 75 mcg.


  • 100% natural Acai berry
  • Powerful & easy to use
  • Quick & easy weight loss
  • No side effects
  • Caters to entire body’s wellness


  • May increase overall food intake due to enhanced metabolism.
  • May cause sleeplessness due to the guarana.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules before or after breakfast. Do not exceed 2 pills in 24 hours. Consume at least 8-10 glasses of water to help eliminate the toxins. It is recommended to continue with the supplement for at least 50 days for the best results.


These capsules are not only highly effective for slimming but also good for your health. A completely natural, fast and effective method to lose weight while raising levels of healthy nutrients in the body and boosting body’s immunity.

Unlike other acai scams that don’t use pure and organic acai berry these capsules not only use genuine acai berry but also have certification. Their use of certified ingredients guarantees weight loss which is convenient and quick.

Where to buy

You can buy from the official site

One month supply containing 60 capsules is sold at a discounted price £39.95. 2 months for £59.95, 3 months for £89.95 and 4 months for £109.95.These might seem to be priced higher than others but you get the right quality ingredients for this price. Moreover you also have free shipping in UK & a bonus 7-day diet plan eBook.

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