Acai Berry Patch Review

Name :  Acai Berry Patch

Category : Detox

Manufactrer : PureAcai

Money Back : None

Unlike pills or powders patches are relatively new but that doesn’t they are any less effective, If you haven’t tried a patch before then why not start with Pure Acai Berry Detox Patch.

What is Pure Acai Berry Detox Patch?

Pure Acai Berry Detox patches are clearly a drug delivery breakthrough in the detoxification arena. These patches are strips of paper like material having thousands of nano microscopic pores capable of storing the ingredients.

When these strips are placed on any part of the skin the nana pores immediately start to release the acai berry extract through the skin into the blood stream. The Acai berry extract in it helps flush out harmful toxins from your systems leaving behind an energetic and younger you.

How does it work?

The patch has nano pores which stick to your skin when the patch is applied. Through these pores the Acai extract is systematically delivered directly into the body. This allows for better absorption of Acai than per se a normal slimming pill.

100 grams of freeze dried acai contains almost 4.4 mg of iron and 260mg of calcium and 1002 units of vitamin A making it a rich source of these essential minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients instantly pass into your body without any pain thanks to the patch.

The moderately high amounts of polyphenols and flavonoid-like bio molecules compared to other commonly available fruits enables it to have better anti-ageing properties. This helps neutralise free radicals that are produced due to oxidative stress.


The patch contains pure acai berry extract sourced from credible organic farms and comes with a EU & ASDA certification. The extract is filled in nano pores that dot the length of the patch and it doesn’t contain any artificial filler.


  • 100% Natural Acai extracts
  • Direct & Quick Absorption
  • No Side Effects
  • Holistic Detoxifying Properties
  • No Repeated Dosages or Pills
  • Faster Weight Loss Results
  • Can Be Worn Discreetly


  • Patch requires support of a supplement
  • May cause skin allergy to some with the use of adhesive on patch
  • Cannot be applied on sweaty areas of skin.As it will not adhere properly

Directions for use

The patch uses special adhesive with are very mild. While this ensures it can be used even on sensitive skin it also makes it mandatory that patches must be applied carefully. The following video shows you the procedure followed to apply the nicotine patch which can be used to wear this patch.

Make sure that you apply the patch only on areas of skin which is dry and has less hair. This patch can last upto 72 hours unlike other patches. So you can remove and reuse it or just replace it with a new one.


This extremely safe and effective patch detoxifies your body of harmful free radicals and other toxins all day long without you bothering about repeatedly taking pills, powders etc. It can easily assist in weight loss as it helps the body in metabolising better. It can also complement other weight loss pills or powders that you want to use in your effort to burn even more calories.

Where to buy

The slimming patches are available from the official site

The patches are priced at £60 for a month, £138.95 for 3 and at a 50% discount £238.95 for 6 months.


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